Our Curriculum

This Week's Lesson

Discovering God
For the week of 4/19/15

We use a curriculum which combines a family's journey in faith by teaching the same biblical truths across all age levels (2 years old - 6th grade). This allows families to apply those truths together in their daily lives, growing in their faith both individually and as a family unit.

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At-Home Activity Competitions

Each week, your child (2 years old - 6th grade) will be sent home with a page of activities/challenges that your family can participate in to help build on the material that was covered in the children’s class over the weekend. To complete the at-home activity, your child will need to do one of the activities/challenges or spend time reviewing the Bible passage as a family. After they have accomplished the activity, they will need a parent’s signature on the sheet before they bring it to class the following week. Incentives will provided to encourage participating in the at-home activity assignments.

If your child misplaces their activity sheet, or if they miss a class, they can still complete the sheet by printing off a copy from "This Week's Lesson" at the top of this page.

By spending time with your child each week doing homework, you will help build the foundation your child needs in their relationship with God. It will also bless you and the rest of your family as God reveals truths about Himself and what He desires for your family.

Weekly Reminders

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