TV & Radio

Our Mission

To spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the Treasure Valley through television, radio, internet, and print production. This ministry also includes audio/visual communications to inform and inspire the church body as well as support for international missions efforts.


If you have experience in graphic design, web development, or video production and would like to volunteer your time on special projects, please contact us.

Watch on Local TV

Channel 9 [K9TV]

  • Sundays, 9:30 am

Channel 64 [TVTV]

  • Sundays, 8 pm

Listen Locally


  • 3:45 am, 12:15 pm and 5 pm on 94.1 FM [KBXL]

Copies of the radio show are available for $5 and can be ordered over the phone, 208.321.7440.


Words of Life is also broadcast in the UK on Weekdays at 5:15 am, 10 am & 5:45 pm via Calvary Chapel Radio.

More information can be found at Calvary Chapel Radio online.

Introduction song by Esterlyn.

Get Connected: 

For more information on getting involved in this ministry, contact our Local Outreach office at 321.7440.

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Doug McFerrin