What We Believe

What do you teach?

The Bible is our creed. Therefore, any effort to define the basis of our teaching necessitates emphasis on the whole Word of God as the sole source of our beliefs. Furthermore, it seems unwise to adhere to the labels of much of Christendom, whether it's Fundamentalism, Pentecostal, Calvinism, Armenianism, Charismatic, Dispensational, Reformed, etc. It is unrealistic to think that any individual man-made system of beliefs is completely error free or, conversely, without merit at all. It is therefore our sincere desire to simply teach the Bible true to its original languages and respectful of its historical context, the context of each passage, and the accepted and normal use of language (i.e. being able to discern the difference between a parable and a proverb, a prophecy and an historical account, etc.). We trust that this will enable us to understand the intended meaning and truth that is to be found in God’s inspired Word.

How do people join?

We do not have a formal membership procedure, as anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ is already a member of the Body of Christ. However, I feel that, in practical terms, those who are relationally involved with us are a part of the family that makes up Calvary Chapel Boise. Being involved would include things such as attending consistently, acting upon the Word as it is taught, sharing in the financial responsibility of the church through tithes and offerings, and sharing the spiritual gifts God has given to you with others in the fellowship as and when God leads by His Holy Spirit.

Who's in charge?

As the Pastor, I am accountable to God to give myself to prayer and the teaching of the Word (Acts 6:4), to be enabled by God to lead the church toward a life that is pleasing to the Head Shepherd of the Sheep: Jesus Christ. I am also accountable to and meet regularly with a board of elders to pray over and decide what will best serve the goals of the church as stated in Acts 1:8, Acts 2:42, and 2 Corinthians 3:18. A full copy of our bylaws is available in the office.

What are your essential beliefs?

Our nonnegotiable beliefs which transcend labels, and our logical conclusions drawn from the scriptures are:

  1. We believe in the inspiration of the Bible; in God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; in the virgin birth of Christ.  
  2. We believe in Jesus Christ’s blood atonement that provides forgiveness for sin and delivers us from the judgment for sin that awaits all mankind.
  3. We believe in His bodily resurrection and second coming to establish His Kingdom upon the Earth, followed by the millennial reign of Christ after which He will create a new Heaven and a new Earth.