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The Disruptive Truth of Easter
How do we respond to the miracle of Easter? This message examines what Jesus says we're supposed to do with His truth as we go through life, being led by the Holy Spirit and energized by the power of prayer.
Sunday Morning
Peace for Today!
In this Easter message, Pastor Tucker explains that the miracle of the Resurrection is not merely our Good News for a distant future. Christ’s Resurrection ushers in a new phase in God’s relationship with humanity. Our lives of peace, rest and joy begin the moment we have a personal encounter with Him. Jesus changes us, and our new lives make us the evidence that He  is real right now.
Sunday Morning
Theology 102 - Class #6 - In the Beginning
Tom Velacaso discusses different theological views regarding the creation of the world and the age of the Earth, as well as why the Scripture teaches a literal seven day creation.
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The Triumphal Entry
Sunday Morning
Theology 102 - Class #5 - Let's Talk About Creation
Tom Velasco discusses the prevailing theological theories regarding how to interpret Genesis 1.
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