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Sunday Morning

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Living in the Kingdom of the Son
In this introduction to the Book of Colossians, Tom Velasco encourages us to live in the reality of our true identity. We are subjects of Christ’s Kingdom and no matter our political or personal circumstances, Jesus is our ultimate authority.
Praying with Patience in our Impersonal, Insta-world
In theory we know prayer is good and powerful. In practice, it can be hard.  In this message, Pastor Tucker offers strategies to overcome our impersonal culture's desire for fast results with prayers that glorify God and help us become more like our Savior.
Curing a Shallow Prayer Life
Pastor Tucker shares a three-fold cure for a shallow prayer life. Learn more about communing with God, developing a life that reflects God, and sharing His revelation with a community of believers in this examination of the Lord’s Prayer.
Who is Your Neighbor?
Loving our neighbor often means pushing beyond our comfort zones and interacting with people who aren’t like us.  This look at Good Samaritan encourages us to break down barriers and stay prepared to help those in need.
Who is Your King?
Ceding authority to God can be a struggle.  Pastor Tucker shares the litmus test for keeping Jesus on the throne of our lives.
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